Title: Shobou Fun

Author: Rokudaime Kunoichi

Rated: M

Genre: Romance/Humor

Summary: Sequel to Onsen Fun. “Think of this as a game,” Sasuke pulled down the blonde’s pants, “all you have to do is be quiet so nobody comes back here and finds us.” SasuNaru. Splash of InoSaku.

Warnings: PWP, OOC-ness, a splashing of voyeurism, etc.

Disclaimer: Naruto is the property of Masashi Kishimoto. No money is being made from the writing of this story and no copyright/trademark infringement is intended.

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Shobou Fun

Naruto yawned and stretched. He winced as his bum burned. Next to him lay Sasuke, his lover of three months. Naruto had previously moved into the Uchiha mansion, and Sasuke had insisted that they christen the bed… The blonde blushed as he remembered last night’s activities…

Naruto steadily put down the box he had carried from his apartment. Wiping sweat from his brow, the blonde looked around for his lover. Where the hell was that teme? He was supposed to help him get his stuff together!! Sighing in frustration, Naruto searched the Uchiha mansion. Just as he was about to reach their bedroom, arms wrapped around his waist.

“Looking for me?” Sasuke asked, smirking and starting to nibble on the blonde’s ear.

“T-teme, you’re s-supposed… oh… to help me… ngh… unpack my things,” Naruto mumbled breathlessly. The raven haired male looked thoughtful for a moment.

“I did, didn’t I? Well, we can unpack later…” Sasuke resumed nibbling on his treat. Naruto moaned his agreement, turning around so that he could wrap his arms around the taller man. The blonde pulled Sasuke’s face towards his and kissed him hard. Sasuke groaned softly before grabbing Naruto’s bum. He squeezed and massaged it, eliciting mewls from his beloved. Grinning devilishly, Sasuke lifted Naruto over his shoulder. Entering the bedroom, Naruto was flung onto the large king-sized mattress.

“Oomph!” Naruto barely had time to think before his clothes were ripped off. “Hey, that was my favorite shirt, teme!” Sasuke ignored the blonde, instead deciding to play with the perky, pink nipples. “Oh…”

Naruto arched into Sasuke’s mouth. His lover was oh-so skillful and just loved to tease him. Sasuke removed his mouth from one nipple and went to the other, not wanting it to feel neglected. He soon left both nubs, opting to lick and nibble his way down Naruto’s tight stomach and light abs. Pretty soon, all clothes were hurriedly disposed of. Reaching for the lube on the bedside table, Sasuke quickly squirted some on his cock. Normally he’d prepare Naruto, but the thought of taking him without preparation was sounding very appealing right now. Positioning his cock, Sasuke grinned at Naruto and slowly plunged in. Naruto’s eyes widened at the slight burn and bit down on Sasuke’s shoulder. The raven haired man hissed as pleasure and pain combined to send him shivers up and down his spine.

“Oh, Sasuke, please!” Naruto pleaded, his hips bucking forward, trying to make his lover go deeper. Sasuke smirked evilly, kissed Naruto firmly on the lips, and started to thrust in and out fast. Naruto moaned and mewled, begging for more and raking his nails down Sasuke’s back. He could feel his entrance tearing a little but the burn felt so good!

“Naruto… ngh… so tight…” Sasuke groaned, going faster.

“Kami-sama… Sasuke… deeper, harder, faster… almost there…” Naruto bucked his hips wildly and Sasuke animalistically thrust in faster. Harsh pants filled the room and soon both men on the bed screamed their release.

Naruto sighed dreamily and looked at his still sleeping lover. As an idea struck him, he smirked very evilly. It was time to have some fun. Stealthily walking over to his lover, he gently pulled off the blanket covering him. The blonde grinned when he realized Sasuke was still naked. Getting on his knees, Naruto grabbed Sasuke’s cock. He slowly and lightly stroked it until the head started to leak. He kissed and blew at the tip, causing Sasuke to subconsciously lift his hips, but not wake up. Naruto grinned again, and licked at the underside of the cock. He then swallowed everything to the hilt. The sleeping raven groaned and thrust his hips up. Naruto started to bob his head, swallowing and sucking. Sasuke woke up and looked down to see his dobe swallowing him. Groaning, he threw his head back and panted. Just as he was about to release, Naruto stopped. The blonde smirked evilly at the disappointed noise the raven haired male made.

“Good morning! We should take a shower, Sasuke.” Naruto said cheerfully. The taller male glared at his lover’s back as Naruto went into the bathroom and shut the door. His hand reached his cock and he pulled at it savagely until he came.

‘I’ll get you, Naru-chan… Just you watch…’


Sasuke and Naruto walked into the adult bookstore, Hentai Paradise. The bookstore not only had a large selection of Hentai fiction, it also had various toys and other kinky things. Sasuke had suggested that they go in and see what could make their sex life interesting. Naruto blushed as the clerk greeted them with a lecherous grin. The blonde allowed himself to be pulled all the way to the back of the store. Sasuke looked through the isles of books until one cover caught his eye. It read: Icha Icha Paradise: Yaoi Edition! Grabbing the book, he flipped through the pages. He was surprised when he saw a blonde male being fucked by a dark haired male in an onsen. The characters looked a lot like him and Naruto. Sasuke looked down to see that his pants became a little too tight. Grinning evilly, he thought over the idea that just popped into his head.

‘It’s pay back time, Naru-chan…’

Sasuke turned to see Naruto looking at some book titles and blushing. He grabbed the blonde from behind and ground his erection into Naruto’s firm bum. Naruto, as predicted, gasped and moaned. He then looked around to see if anyone heard him.

“Sasuke, not here!” he hissed, although he was getting even more turned on.

“I don’t think so, Naru-chan. Think of this as payback for leaving me hanging this morning,” Sasuke muttered. Naruto moaned.

“I said I was sorry,” Naruto mumbled.

“Think of this as a game,” Sasuke pulled down the blonde’s pants, “all you have to do is be quiet so nobody comes back here and finds us.”

Naruto moaned and muttered something incoherently. Sasuke smirked before spitting on his hand. His erection was free from its confines and he rubbed the spit on his cock. Positioning himself at the blonde’s entrance, Sasuke panted.

“This’ll sting a little,” he warned the blonde breathlessly. Naruto nodded and quietly pleaded for Sasuke to hurry up and fuck him. Sasuke slowly thrust in, pausing to give the blonde time to get used to the intrusion. Naruto shuddered lightly, his bum on fire. In order to ease the pain, Sasuke kissed his neck. Then, he grabbed the book and thrust it into the blonde’s hands. Naruto’s eyes widened as he saw the pages, his eyes clouding over with lust.

“Move,” he whispered hoarsely. Sasuke gently moved in and out before gaining speed. He buried his face in the crook of Naruto’s neck, trying to keep quiet. Naruto was having a harder time. He always screamed during sex, liking to voice his pleasure. The blonde bit his lip, moaning breathlessly as Sasuke picked up the pace. His lover went harder, deeper, faster, and he felt soooooo good.

“Kami-sama, Naruto… how do you manage… to stay so… tight…” Sasuke panted, sucking on the blonde’s neck. Naruto started to move his hips backwards, meeting Sasuke’s thrusts.

“Please… Sasuke… almost there… need more…” Naruto bit his hand to try not making any noise. The taller man’s hand reached between Naruto’s legs and started to pump him. It was too much for the both of them and they came hard. Naruto managed to look back and kissed Sasuke as they rode on waves of ecstasy.

“Oh… my… god…” Both turned to see Sakura and Ino. They were holding hands, drooling, and had lust in their eyes. Soon, the two girls started to giggle.

“Do him again, Sasuke!”

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