Naruto FanFiction


To Be Hokage

Yaoi, Het. Takes place during the Third's funeral. Konohamaru asks why his granfather had to die. SasuNaru, mention of LeeSaku. Fluff, WAFF.

How They Got Caught

This is the story of how Sasuke and Naruto got caught doing... less than innocent things. PWP. SasuNaru. Dedicated to blondybabez13 on deviantART.

Onsen Fun

SasuNaru. The last Uchiha pressed his lips against Naruto’s neck. He kissed and nibbled at the flesh. “I’m going to make you scream,” he smirked. Featuring horny!Sasuke and dubious!virgin!Naruto. PWP.

Shobou Fun

Sequel to Onsen Fun. “Think of this as a game,” Sasuke pulled down the blonde’s pants, “all you have to do is be quiet so nobody comes back here and finds us.” SasuNaru. Implied InoSaku.

Bondage Fun

Sasuke stepped back to admire his boyfriend’s tied up, naked body. “Don’t worry Naruto, this’ll be fun.” PWP. For Rei Tatsunami.

Battle of the Jinchuuriki

Set after preliminary round. Naruto doesn’t fight Neji. Instead, he fights Gaara!! What secrets will be revealed? Light SasuNaru. Shounen-ai.